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  • Version: for Diablo 2 1.03

Edit your Diablo 2 characters

Hero Editor is a complete character editor for Diablo 2, the popular RPG developed by Blizzard that set the standards for this genre.

With Hero Editor you can easily change the statistics of your characters in a very easy way. Strength, vitality, stamina, mana… all of these elements can be tweaked and adjusted for your characters with a simple mouse click.

Other elements that Hero Editor can help you with are armor, weapon, experience and character class – which will obviously make the game a lot easier for you, though also less challenging and a bit more boring.

Hero Editor requires you have Diablo 2 installed on your system and updated to the last patch. Otherwise it won’t let you edit all the elements in your characters. It also supports characters from the expansion set, Lord of Destruction.

With Hero Editor you can make your Diablo 2 characters more powerful than ever.


  • Easy to use
  • Helps you obtain a more powerful character


  • Makes the game less challenging
  • A bit unstable

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Hero Editor


Hero Editor for Diablo 2 1.03 for PC

User reviews about Hero Editor

  • ericxon guarino

    by ericxon guarino

    provide some please.
    plaease i need real editors can u provide with errors and missing files
    Pros: Diablo 2 Hero Editor/> Cons:

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Works for Macbook Pro OsX 10.6.8 Diablo II v1.13c.
    1. Download Xcode 3.2.6 and iOS SDK 4.3 (Disk Image).
    2. Install
    3. More

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